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powertek chassis dynamometer

Data Screens

Below are several of the data screens from the software that comes with the Chassis Dynamometer. To see a larger view of any of the screen shots and it will open in a new window.

Main Software Screen - This is the main software screen during a run. This is the screen that will be seen by the user “REAL TIME” while a run is in progress. The maximum reading for each of the categories is also saved.

Data Plot Screen – The software allows for 4 different runs to be compared. The data taken was with the same motor and gear to illustrate the repeatability of the data. This screen can be used to compare the data from different motors and gears.

Note: The small variations in the screen after the initial ramp up are from hitting the start button at slightly different times.

XY Data Plot Screen – This shows how the software allows for 3 variables. Two different Y values can be compared to a Z value.

XY Data Plot Screen (data comparison) – This plot show four different motor and gear ratios being plotted against each other for comparisons. Lines colors represent:

White - 12 turn motor w/ 18 tooth gear

Red - 12 turn motor w/ 20 tooth gear

Green - 17 turn motor w/ 18 tooth gear

Blue - 17 turn motor w/ 20 tooth gear

XY Data Plot Screen (zoomed) – The software allows you to zoom into particular portions of the plots for a more detailed view. This screen is a zoomed view of the graph above.