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Vehicle Design Challenge

powertek chassis dynamometer

Overview of the Chassis Dynamometer

The experiments range from simple enough to easily be used in High School Technology curriculum to explain the basics behind electric vehicle design. To challenging enough for a University Engineering or Physics course. The unique curriculum can aid the student who is having difficulties grasping basic algebraic equations by making the equations come to life. Yet challenge the AP Physics student with extremely challenging problems to solve.

The laboratory combines the sophisticated design of the 1/10 scale remote control cars with the custom built test equipment to provide accurate repeatable data.

The equipment is extremely well suited for a design based competitions to take learning Math, Science and Engineering to new levels.

The equipment combines the years of experience of the founder of GDJ Inc. possesses in Aviation, Racing, Education and Equipment Design to achieve a truly unique program. Sometimes it takes a small company to take the risk to come up with something truly unique and effective. At GDJ Inc. we believe that for true academic reform to take place it requires a new approach. Copying existing teaching methods will not get the job done.