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Crash Test Vehicle

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Vehicle Design Challenge

Vehicle Crash Tester

The Crash Test Vehicle is designed to allow students to perform vehicle crash test and receive “G-force Data” similar to full scale tests performed by the automotive research institutions.

An accelerometer is mounted in the front of the vehicle to provide the data. The data is graphed over time. This allows for the students to understand why different designs are more or less efficient. The data can also be saved for post analysis evaluation.

The vehicle was designed with a removable bracket so the student’s bumper designs can be attached to the front of the vehicle for testing. The kit comes with 5 brackets to allow multiple designs to be tested easily.

The angle the car contacts the wall can be changed to provide an angle of up to 45° to simulate the car impacting an object at an angle. Students can design their own roadway guard rails and race track safer barriers which can be attached to the wall.

The crash tester is an excellent device for physics students to study real world impulse momentum problems.