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Future Design Projects

vehicle design challenge

Congratulations your design team has been chosen by the “Car of the Future” automobile company to submit a design for their new electric vehicle. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles as an alternative to fossil Fuel internal combustion engine vehicles our company has made the decision to develop such a vehicle. Your team will be in competition with several other design teams. Each team will be evaluated on the performance of their vehicle and the design proposal submitted.

The major concerns of the Board of Directors with an Electric Vehicle are the general public’s perception that the cars have poor acceleration and the short distance the vehicle can be driven before requiring the battery be recharged. Also due to the compact design of the vehicle the passenger safety and the cost to repair the vehicle when involved in a collision have been addressed as major concerns. Before this project came move forward the Board must be satisfied these issues have been resolved.

The two main areas of the vehicle your team has been requested to submit a design for are.

  1. The motor and gearing to propel the vehicle in an efficient manner.
  2. The front bumper to provide optimum passenger safety and low vehicle repair cost during a collision.

To make the evaluation process fair each team has been provided a 1/10 scale version of the platform to be used. Each team will be provided a chassis, 3 different motors and 10 different gears. To properly evaluate the testing data each team will be provided with a chassis dynamometer to evaluate the vehicle performances.

The two main areas of concern to the automotive company in regards to the vehicles motor are the acceleration of the vehicle and the battery life of the vehicle. To prove your design each team will be asked to complete an acceleration test and a battery endurance test. The same motor and gear must be used for the entire competition.

To evaluate the acceleration of the vehicle each vehicle will be timed over a 35 foot distance.

To evaluate the battery life of the vehicle, each vehicle will be driven around a set of pylons the maximum amount of times. This will test the vehicles battery life before charging is required. Due the fact many of these vehicles will be driven in stop and go traffic for the first and second laps the vehicle must stop completely at 4 designated places during each lap.

Another important aspect of the modern electric vehicle is passenger safety when the vehicle is involved in an accident, along with the cost to repair the vehicle involved in a minor accident. Each team will be asked to design a front bumper for there vehicle to reduce the amount of G force seen by the vehicle during an impact with a wall at 3 different velocities and 3 different wall angles. To complete this task each vehicle will be provided with a G force testing device and a vehicle equipped with a front bumper that has a removable bracket. The team will be provided with several brackets to allow for testing of different designs easily at the same time.

The Department of Highway Safety is also seeking a company to design more efficient guard rails for the countries highway. Your team has been requested to design a new guard rail. Your team will be tested on the percentage of G force reduction your design accomplishes when compared to a standard wall.

Again each team will be provided with the exact same materials. The Automotive Company is more interested in finding a team with the most innovative design not the one with the most resources to spend on development. Good luck.

The company will be putting a great deal of consideration on the Report furnished by your team as well. It is very important that you document all of your testing data and supply in your report a thorough explanation as to how you derived your final design. Before the Automotive Company can implement any mayor changes it must first satisfy their boards of directors the changes are warranted.