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Educational Strengths of the Program

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Educational Strengths of the Program

  1. Excellent opportunity to teach real world hands-on Math, Science, Physics and Engineering with equipment that will get the students immediate attention and interest.
  2. Expose high school and college students to the field of engineering in a positive aspect at a time in their lives when they are in the process of making career choice decisions. Many students in entry level college courses have not made a final decision on what their major will be. This program will give students an excellent example of the challenges facing engineers in their careers. Anything at all that may encourage a student to pursue engineering as a career is definitely needed.
  3. Provide a platform of test equipment with accurate, repeatable data for the students to have a reason to use math and science to accomplish a specific task. Personal experiences proved that when teaching,  a great deal of students that are “not college material” are more likely to comprehend a complex math formula if there is a real reason for using the formula to solve an actual problem.
  4. Provides an opportunity for students from many different programs and academic levels to collaborate on the design effort. Technology and vocational students can interact with students in Physics and Advanced Math courses. As an example, one State’s curriculum guide states a requirement for students in Advanced Placement Statistic that the students should analyze sets of data and make recommendations for improvement based on their analysis of the data. This is exactly how to best utilize the chassis dynamometer and crash tester.
  5. Expose students to the use of a computer as they are used in industry for data collections and analysis. Provide a Platform to utilize software such as PowerPoint™ and Excel™ to produce their reports.
  6. Students will learn many “Life Skills” that will help them in their everyday lives. As an example during the Battery life competition the students are required to make 4 stop and go starts per lap. They will soon learn that a quick Jackrabbit start will use a great deal of the batteries energy. This hopefully will carry over to make them more responsible drivers and learn how to conserve energy by making gentle starts.
  7. Teachers will be able to use the program as an example in lesson plans for a wide variety a subjects. My experience as a teacher showed me that when teaching anytime I could relate a topic to something the students where involved in it made the lesson more interesting. I found once I had their interest I could teach them anything more easily.