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Gas Turbine Engine


Gas Turbine Engine


Axial Flow Gas Turbine DynamometerThe engine is a small compact free turbine engine originally Model Number JFS100 manufactured by Allied Signal Inc. It is very easy to start. No external air source or different fuels are required.

Every safety aspect of this engine test stand has been considered and built-in; making this one of the safest designs on the market for education and testing roles.

It comprises a gas generator and an accessory drive assembly. The gas generator incorporates a centrifugal compressor, an axial flow turbine rotating unit and an ignition and combustion system. The accessory drive assembly incorporates a lubrication pump, a fuel pump, a 50% cut-out switch, a generator and an electric start motor The engine has been modified from its original purposes as a gas turbine engine starter by removing the power recovery turbine and gear reduction unit and replacing with a custom fabricated exhaust nozzle to allow for continuous operation while not under load. The fuel control unit has been modified to allow for control of engine rpm by a Vernier throttle control. The engine has meet "Military Containment Tests" with a 200 hour maintenance inspection performed.