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Gas Turbine Engine


Gas Turbine Engine



  • Complete military axial flow Gas Turbine Engine
  • Full instrumentation and sensors allow development of H-S diagrams
  • LabVIEW™ Data acquisition and educational software included
  • Compact Design – Small scale equipment minimizes laboratory space needed
  • Easy Start – Single fuel for both running and starting
  • Safety – Use of a production military engine means full safety Military Containment Tests have taken place for type approval. Engine has been tested with the turbine wheel split to come apart at maximum rpm. All the pieces remained safely in the engine.

Data Display And Acquisition

The data display and acquisition system require a PC running Windows™ 98/XP. (Computer not supplied)

Sensors are provided to measure direct thrust (from a load cell), fuel flow, engine rpm pressure at various stages of the engine and temperature at each stage of the engine. Unlike some designs that use a bending plate/strain gauge arrangement, the GDJ Axial Flow Gas Turbine Engine uses a linear bearing arrangement. This allows direct thrust readings that are more accurate.

The LabVIEW™ software calculates the thrust from the fuel flow, temperature and pressure readings using the Brayton cycle formulae. This calculated thrust can be compared with the measured thrust. The software also calculates the turbine entry pressure.

The user has access to a wide range of data acquisition, graph plotting and display functions. As well as the standard graph plotting functions, a special routine has been written to display H – S diagrams (Entropy – Enthalpy diagrams) which are of particular interest in thermodynamics.