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Engine Test Stands

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Gas Turbine Engine


Gas Turbine Engine


Options & Ordering Specifications


It is recommended that the engine test stand be installed in a dedicated test cell, fitted with exhaust extraction and sound deadening. To accomplish this the engine can be ordered with custom length electrical harness and throttle cable.

Electrical Requirements

Single phase electricity for the battery charger
Model PT-500-1 (110V)
Model PT-500-2 (220V)

Specify if custom cable length is required. For example:
    15' cable would be Model PT-500-1-15

Shipping Specification

Gross Weight. 520 lbs (230 kg) • Volume: 62 cubic feet (1.8 cubic meter)

Ordering Specification

An military axial flow gas turbine engine mounted on a test bed with full instrumentation and sensors suitable for teaching purposes. All start and engine switches are located in an industrial electrical enclosure with a guard to prevent accidental starting. The unit is supplied with a 24V aircraft battery and a 8 gallon steel fuel tank with internal rubber bladder. The engine, battery and fuel systems are mounted on a welded and painted frame. LabVIEW™ software with National Instruments data acquisition cards.