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Engine Test Stands

Test Stand Intro

Single Cylinder Dynamometer

Three Cylinder Dynamometer

Gas Turbine Engine


Gas Turbine Engine


Engine Performance Specifications


50 lbs (222N)


Jet A (can also be operated on K- 1 Kerosene)

Exhaust Gas Temp.

1475°F (800°C)

Mass Flow

1.6 lbs/s (0.7 kg/s)

Ignition System

Air gap, high voltage capacitor-discharge type hermetically sealed ignition coil and igniter plug

Compressor Type

Single stage radial outflow

Turbine Type

Single stage axial flow

Engine RPM

74,000 rpm max

Engine Mount

Two .75" polished steel rods via 4 linear ball bearing, allowing a direct thrust reading to be obtained by a load cell

Instrumentation Included

Ambient temperature
Compressor entry temperature
Compressor exit temperature
Compressor entry pressure
Compressor exit pressure
Turbine entry temperature
Turbine exit temperature
Turbine exit pressure
Nozzle exit temperature
Nozzle exit pressure

Oil pressure
Oil inlet temperature
Oil outlet temperature
Fuel flow
Air flow
Shaft speed

Note: GDJ is constantly improving its products. Specifications are due to change from upgrades.