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The GDJ Internal Combustion and Gas Turbine Engine Systems have been specifically developed for engineering education purposes. While small enough to be easily accommodated in a teaching laboratory, they are true single, multi-cylinder or gas turbine engines with a characteristic and representative performance. All Engine Test Stands are supplied with LabVIEW™ software and complete data acquisition systems.

The Single and Three Cylinder Engine use gasoline as the standard fuel. They can also be run on optional low pressure natural gas or liquid petroleum gas with the optional adaptor. The Diesel Three Cylinder Engine has a virtually identical engine block, configured to run on diesel fuel. Thus realistic comparisons can be made between the various fuels. Cylinder Pressure is now standard to provide P/V diagrams and calculate indicated horsepower on all internal combustion engines.

The GDJ Gas Turbine Engine System comprises a complete military jet engine with all the ancillary equipment and sensors required to operate the system in an educational environment. It allows the student to undertake laboratory exercises on equipment that, while being small scale, looks and sounds like the true production unit that it is.