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Emphasis is not just "how" a process happens, but why.

Single Cyclinder Engine Test StandGDJ LabTrainers™ and Classroom Instruction Modules directly integrate factual learning with industry-standard methodologies of data gathering and problem solving. GDJ replaces dry, rote memorization, with the means to visualize the relationship between formulas and real-world results.

Designed to teach students not only how the engine operates buy why it works. Lesson Plans teach the transformation of chemical to mechanical energy.

  • Hardware is used as a means to create problems, which are then solved through the correct application of the relevant formulas.
  • Experiments are designed to illustrate strong cause and effect relationships.
  • Combustion Pressure for P/V diagrams and calculate indicated horsepower. Combustion pressure allows students to see a direct link to the pressure or force that acts on the piston.
  • Optional computer control of engine allows students to operate the engine and retrieve data from remote location!