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Engine Test Stands

Test Stand Intro

Single Cylinder Dynamometer

Three Cylinder Dynamometer

Gas Turbine Engine


Single Cylinder Dynamometer

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Model PT-100

Fuel – Gasoline

Model PT-110

Fuel - LPG

Model PT-120

Fuel - NG

Model PT-130

Fuel - LPG & NG

Model PT-140

Fuel – Gasoline, Computer Controlled

Ordering Specification

  • A air cooled one cylinder internal combustion engine, complete with all services and instrumentation to allow the engine to be evaluated in a laboratory environment.
  • The unit includes a variable load dynamometer, which directly measures the power and torque produced by the engine.
  • Combustion pressure indicator to provide calculated indicated horsepower and also allow P/V diagrams
  • The engine, dynamometer, fuel tank(s), battery etc. are all mounted on a self-contained steel frame of painted and welded construction. The frame is designed to be easily moved.
  • The basic engine runs on gasoline. As an optional accessory kit, the same engine can also be run on natural gas (NG) or liquid petroleum gas (LPG).
  • The LabVIEW™ software supplied includes extensive data logging, analysis and graph plotting facilities, plus full instructions on operating the equipment and performing the investigations.

Shipping Specification

Gross Weight. 600 lbs (272 kg) • Volume: 70 cubic feet (2.0 cubic meter)

Overall Dimensions

Height 60 inches • Width 55 inches • Depth 32 inches