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Three Cylinder Dynamometer


Three Cylinder EngineEach system is based on a three cylinder water cooled engine, mounted on a painted steel frame. The engine assembly includes a radiator, fan and water pump for cooling purposes. An electric starter motor, battery and alternator are also included.

The engine is loaded by the eddy current dynamometer, which is mounted on the same frame as the engine and directly coupled to it. The dynamometer is capable of providing a completely variable load on the engine. The torque produced is measured by a load cell connected to the dynamometer. From the torque measurement and the engine speed the power produced by the engine can be calculated and displayed on a computer

An operator control box contains the controls required to start the engine and to enable and vary the load. The engine throttle is cable driven with a Vernier control located adjacent to the control box.

The fuel tanks are installed under the frame. The gasoline version has one five gallon aluminum tank. The diesel version has a single tank for diesel fuel. Also located under the frame are enclosures for the electrical and electronics systems.

The complete engine and dynamometer are enclosed underneath a safety cover which protects the users, while still providing visibility of the components. The cover is safety interlocked with the engine ignition system.

A comprehensive instrumentation package is provided as standard, including fuel flow, cylinder pressure, engine speed, torque, cooling water flow, exhaust back pressure. Multiple thermocouples are provided to measure the temperature of the cooling water, inlet manifold, individual cylinder exhaust gas, oil, engine block, etc.

The system includes software for displaying and logging the data on a Windows™ LabVIEW™ Software with National Instruments Acquisition Cards (computer not supplied). Computer Control allows the engine to be operated from a remote location.