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Engine Test Stands

Test Stand Intro

Single Cylinder Dynamometer

Three Cylinder Dynamometer

Gas Turbine Engine


Three Cylinder Dynamometer



  • GDJ Test Stands use gasoline as the standard fuel with options available for alternative fuels of natural gas and liquid petroleum gas
  • The Diesel single cylinder is a diesel fuelled engine with a virtually identical engine block
  • LabVIEW™ software for data capture and analysis
  • Combustion Pressure for P/V diagrams and calculate indicated horsepower
  • Water cooled three cylinder engines
  • Variable load dynamometer
  • Comprehensive instrumentation
  • Easy to install, portable units
  • Optional computer control of engine allows students to operate the engine and retrieve data from remote location!

Educational Capabilities

  • Multiple Cylinder Engine Training System, generating characteristic torque, power and fuel consumption curves under different conditions
  • Thermodynamic investigations of internal combustion engines, with ability to measure real time cylinder pressures and temperatures
  • Environmental investigations of different fuels

Three Cylinder Dynamometer
with protective cover.

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