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Engine Test Stands

Test Stand Intro

Single Cylinder Dynamometer

Three Cylinder Dynamometer

Gas Turbine Engine


Three Cylinder Dynamometer



Model PT-300

Fuel – Gasoline

Model PT-310

Fuel - LPG

Model PT-320

Fuel - NG

Model PT-330

Fuel - LPG & NG

Model PT-340

Fuel – Gasoline, Computer Controlled

Model PT-350

Fuel - Diesel

Ordering Specification

  • A water cooled three cylinder internal combustion engine, complete with all services and instrumentation to allow the engine to be evaluated in a laboratory environment.
  • The unit includes a variable load dynamometer, which directly measures the power and torque produced by the engine.
  • Combustion pressure indicator to provide calculated indicated horsepower and also allow P/V diagrams
  • The engine, dynamometer, fuel tank(s), battery etc. are all mounted on a self-contained steel frame of painted and welded construction. The frame is designed to be easily moved.
  • The basic engine runs on gasoline. As an optional accessory kit, the same engine can also be run on natural gas (NG) or liquid petroleum gas (LPG).
  • Model PT-350. The engine is run on diesel fuel. The standard instrumentation package monitors fuel flow, inlet air flow and temperature, exhaust back pressure and temperature, torque, rotational speed, cooling water inlet and outlet temperature and cooling water flow rate. The parameters are displayed in real time on a (customer supplied) personal computer.
  • The LabVIEW™ software supplied includes extensive data logging, analysis and graph plotting facilities, plus full instructions on operating the equipment and performing the investigations.

Shipping Specification

Gross Weight. 1124 lbs (510 kg) • Volume: 99 cubic feet (2.9 cubic meter)

Overall Dimensions

Height 60 inches • Width 55 inches • Depth 32 inches