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Engine Test Stands

Test Stand Intro

Single Cylinder Dynamometer

Three Cylinder Dynamometer

Gas Turbine Engine


Three Cylinder Dynamometer


Instrumentation & Controls


  • Inlet manifold temperature – One
  • Individual cylinder exhaust gas temperatures – Three
  • Cooling water inlet temperature
  • Cooling water outlet temperature
  • Cooling water flow
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • Measured torque
  • Engine speed
  • Gasoline fuel flow rate
    (Diesel on Diesel Engine)
  • Alternative fuel flow rate
    (Optional on LPG or NG)
  • Inlet manifold pressure for estimating the air flow
  • Real time cylinder pressure display

Combustion Pressure Sensor which allows you generate P/V Diagrams and calculate indicated horsepower

Note: Power is calculated from Measured Torque & Engine Speed

Engine ControlsControls

  • Fuel selected – Manual control from control box
  • Vernier Control for Precise Movement
  • Throttle – Cable controlled
  • Choke – Cable controlled
  • Exhaust back pressure valve – Manually controlled
  • Brake load – On/Off controls at the control box. Braking load then controlled from computer

Note: Two methods of Brake Load control are available via the computer, a manual control which applies a percentage of full load, and a closed loop control which varies the load in order to maintain a pre-set speed. In closed loop control the operator has full access to the PID control parameters.