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Engineering Labs


Pre-Engineering Course Outline

Advanced Engineering Course Outline

The GDJ Inc. pre-engineering laboratory equipment was designed to expose the students to a wide variety of experiences and prepare them for the rigors of a full engineering program. The equipment was chosen for its ability to capture the students’ imagination and interest while providing data which can be evaluated using mathematical formulas. The projects are designed to start with simple math formulas and concepts. Each letter of an algebraic equation can be related to a real concept from the lab experiment. It has been well documented that many students can grasp more difficult material if it relates to something real and they have a definite reason for performing the task at hand.

The equipment and instructional systems in the labs has all been built to the same exacting standards as the GDJ equipment currently in use at major four year universities, NASA facilities and industrial research laboratories. It is the philosophy at GDJ that the only way to keep the students interest is by providing equipment that produces accurate; computational repeatable data. If the data being taken from the experiment does not closely match the prediction from the math formulas; performing the math equation becomes a routine exercise not a tool in calculating the performance of the test results.

To accomplish this task it requires that both the equipment and data acquisition systems are built to exacting standards. The equipment is manufactured with industrial electrical components and high grade quality hardware. The data acquisition systems are built with the same type of sensors found in industrial research laboratories. Data is retrieved using National Instruments LabVIEW software. This is the same software used in many leading University Engineering programs.

Many of GDJ’s competitors state in their sales literature "This equipment is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be used in research or industrial laboratories." They list several vendors which do supply research quality equipment. The equipment we provide uses the same vendors they list for industrial or research use. Due to the fact that our equipment is research quality we are able to meet or exceed the standards of our competitors. We do not believe in the philosophy that it is OK if the results are not accurate or repeatable "It is only for education". If the data is not accurate and repeatable students will not be able to effectively evaluate small changes made while conducting experiments. Accurately measuring minute changes in data allows for experiments to be conducted that will challenge the advanced students as well.