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Engineering Labs


Pre-Engineering Course Outline

Advanced Engineering Course Outline

Pre-Engineering Course Outline

I. Basic Vehicle Dynamics

A. Basic Vehicle Dynamics Trainer
    (R/C 110 Scale Touring Car and Chassis Dynamometer)

  1. Steering and Alignment Geometry
  2. Chamber Geometry
  3. Electrical Motor Evaluation
  4. Drive Train Gear Ratio Testing
  5. Testing and Performance evaluation using Dynamometer
  6. Braking System Testing

II. Basic Powerplant Thermodynamic Heat Transfer
     (Single Cylinder Engine Dynamometer)

A. Transfer of Energy
    (Chemical to Mechanical)

  1. Intake – Volumetric efficiencies
  2. Compression – P/V Diagrams
  3. Power – Energy efficiency
  4. Exhaust – Thermodynamic efficiency

B. Electromechanical Braking Systems

C. Lubricants – Heat Transfer

D. Performance Evaluation

  1. Mixture Ratio’s
  2. Power and Torque Curves

III. Basic Coaster Dynamics / Impulse Momentum

A. Roller Coaster Physics

  1. Roller Coaster Forces (Force Analysis)
  2. Acceleration – Calculate acceleration on hill
  3. Potential to Kinetic Energy

B. Impact Testing

  1. Properties of Metals (Comparison of Steel, Aluminum and Brass)
  2. Stress Analysis
  3. Crumple Zone Design
  4. Impact Analysis

IV. Basic Aeronautics and Fluids

A. Wind Tunnel Testing

  1. Principles of Air
  2. Venturi shape Evaluation
  3. Airfoils Evaluation
  4. Effects of dimples on golf ball drag

B. Fluid Dynamics

  1. Fluid Pressure System
  2. Nozzle Shape Theory
  3. Nozzle Shape Testing and Evaluation

C. Water Rockets

  1. Rocket Construction
  2. Rocket Wind Tunnel Testing
  3. Rocket Altitude Calculation
    a. Rocket nozzle test
    b. Rocket drag evaluation
    c. Nose cone testing
  4. Rocket Flight Test and Evaluation