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Engineering Labs


Pre-Engineering Course Outline

Advanced Engineering Course Outline

Advanced Engineering Course Outline

I. Advanced Vehicle Dynamics

A. Bump Steer Evaluation

  1. Study steering changes as vehicle wheel travels over obstruction

B. Suspension Roll Evaluation

  1. Study effects of spring rate changes on shock travel under cornering loads

C. Brake System Testing on Vehicle

D. Regenerative Brake System Testing using Brake Dynamometer

II. Advanced Powerplant Dynamics

A. Fuel Efficiency Studies – 3 Cylinder Multi-Fuel Engine

  1. Compare gasoline, Liquid Petroleum (LP) and Low Pressure Natural Gas Study
  2. Fuel performance and efficiency of each type of fuel
  3. Heat Transfer characteristics
  4. Power and Torque curves

B. Fuel Injection and Ignition Timing Evaluation

  1. Study effects of injection dwell time and timing on heat pressure and efficiency
  2. Ignition timing – evaluate changes in ignition timing on detonation. Compare performance with changes in fuel octane rating.
  3. Thermodynamic Cooling Effects – Study cooling system efficiency

III. Roller Coaster Dynamics/Reaction Impulse Testing

A. Roller Coaster Dynamics

  1. Study vector forces and dynamic loads during banked turns
  2. Study G-loads in loops – compare inside loop – centrifugal forces to centripetal with loop reversed
  3. Evaluate frictional loss compared to mass changes

B. Reaction Impulse Testing

  1. Study effects of mass change in two colliding vehicles
  2. Evaluate mass vs. impact loads
  3. Study effects on collision between vehicles with uneven bumper heights

IV. Aerodynamics and Fluids

A. Wind Tunnel Testing

  1. Advanced Airfoil Lift Characteristics
  2. Race car drafting evaluation
  3. Effects of building placement on wind patterns

B. Fluid Dynamics

  1. Nozzle shape design
  2. Testing and evaluate nozzle

C. Water Rockets

  1. Advanced rocket construction – Test fin design on roll during flight
  2. Evaluate drag of fin and nose cone design
  3. Test nozzle performance during flight test
  4. Test fin and nose cone design during flight