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Crash Tester – Impulse Momentum

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Crash Tester Example Experiment

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Data Acquisition System

  • A single axis high-g accelerometer measures and graphs acceleration forces during the impact.
  • Speed is calculated before and after impact to determine impact forces.
  • Data is streamed in real-time via RF telemetry for instant display.
  • Computer software displays relevant data in a student friendly format for quick student analysis.

Crash Test Vehicle and Track

  • Smooth, low friction track provides low loss to system
  • Modular Bumper SystemImpact barrier with replaceable PVC plate can be adjusted for different crash conditions
  • Modular front bumper system can be easily replaced to test the impact absorbing characteristics of a variety of materials. Four different bumpers suppliced.
  • Durable, high quality test vehicle and barrier are both designed for years of classroom/laboratory use.

Curriculum Features

  • Comprehensive Classroom Instruction Modules that incorporate worksheets, mathematical modeling, desktop and "hands-on" experiments.