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Flotek Curricula


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Flotek provides the ideal tool for a seamless integration of math, science and physics curricula.

Do the math, see the science.

Flotek is the ideal compliment to integrated math/science programs at all levels. Its unequalled combinations of visual display, data acquisition, and hands-on activities can make it a central part of your classroom learning experience.

Students actually get excited about working with a Flotek wind tunnel. They get direct feedback to their input. And a flow of data that continues to make sense when they put their project through its paces. It's real data that comes alive in real world algebraic formulas. The math works.

So truly advanced, it's simple.

Only a tool as advanced as Flotek can provide as broad a range of curriculum support as this. From simple demonstration, even at the middle school level, to analysis at the high school or collegiate level.

Flotek comes complete with easy to follow lesson plans and instruction sheets. Step by step formulas explain algebraic concepts. Math becomes truly a hands-on experience.

Students can work on any level from simple beginning formulas to complex problems which require them to make assumptions. Flotek is the data source.

Proficiency testing?

Flotek's curriculum package includes lessons that address nine separate points of the Ohio State Math Proficiency Test. So you can provide stimulating experiences geared toward improving test results, while building an exciting, broad based program in math, science, or physics.

Rockets, race cars, airplanes and architectural structures, all stimulate students' interest and imagination. Program variety - coupled with Flotek's data generation capabilities - provides curriculum support all year long.

Excerpt of the Curricula

We've included an excerpt from the curriculum that comes with each wind tunnel. This is only an excerpt.

Flotek Control Panel
Rocket Experiment
Rocket Under Flow
Car Experiment
Ventura Profile