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Take your students to new levels of integrated, interdisciplinary, hands-on learning.

The Flotek 250, 360 and 1440 Series wind tunnels bring breakthrough features and technology to the classroom.

Go beyond "demonstration".

Most academic wind tunnels generate varying amounts of turbulence in the air flow, which directly impairs the collection of accurate, consistent data. These basic level wind tunnels can provide effective visual demonstration,but are limited use beyond that in today's classroom.

The importance of laminar air flow.

Designed in conjunction with NASA Lewis Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, Flotek wind tunnels bring advanced aeronautic design principles to the high school and college laboratory.

Laminar air flow means the air currents are drawn strait through the test section with minimum turbulence. Flotekwind tunnels have been precision engineered to generate true laminar air flow. This allows Flotek to provide more stable, accurate, and repeatable test results.

Formulas come to life.

Most academic wind tunnels can only use the force created by moving air to demonstrate the gross effects on an air foil or other test object. Students' experiences are limited to a few basic observations about lift and drag.

Flotek's smooth, laminar air flow pattern allows students to take actual pressure readings at multiple data points across the surface of the air foil. The invisible becomes visible as students record and plot changes in these data readings. What was once a rote number in a formula, becomes real data the students can understand and manipulate.

Wind tunnels with high inherent turbulence cannot provide this level of data generation. Flotek's aeronautical grade engineering and construction lets it all come alive in the classroom..

Flotek Chamber
Flotek Chamber
Flotek Chamber