Wind Tunnel Experiments

Wind Tunnel Experiments In Your Classroom

Wind Tunnel Experiments for STEM Education

The new Mech-Net Inc. curriculum is very media rich, Blended learning lesson. The lessons were developed in the “Project Based Learning” model (PBL) for STEM education.

The lessons where developed to take full advantage of the extremely accurate data developed by the equipment to allow the students to be immersed in a truly “Hands on Learning Environment”.

The lessons have been developed in a video format with power point slides to present the material. A narrator takes the students through the lessons with videos of various pieces of lab equipment to demonstrate the principles being taught. A great deal of effort has gone into the demonstration equipment to actually show the student how things work. Not just talk about them.

Optional “Recorded Data Labs” are available to allow students to conduct some of the lab with recorded data to reduce the need to change the models in the wind tunnel. This also allows for a greater amount of students to be active during the lab.

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