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Being a former aircraft mechanic with Experience working in the Engineering Department at Cessna Aircraft as an Experimental Flight Line Mechanic, along with 15 years teaching the powerplant curriculum at an Aviation High School has given me the experience and knowledge to design and build very robust Wind Tunnels, Experiments and Lessons.

The new lesson plans I am designing are very media rich lessons to teach the theory with integrated hands on math. The lessons have been developed so that the students have a clear purpose as to why they are doing the math formula and how the equation relates to the problem they are trying to solve.

Each letter in the equation relates to data taken form the laboratory experiment. These lessons can work very well in any Project Based Learning STEM classroom.

GDJ Inc. designs and manufactures laboratory-grade equipment that will intrigue the imagination of any student. The lab equipment brings all the principle of engineering to life.

Jack Gilbert

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