Flotek 5500 Wind Turbine Wind Tunnel

FLOTEK® 5500 - Accurately Test 3D Printed Turbine Blades

The FLOTEK® 5500 Wind Turbine Tunnel is designed for testing student’s 3D printed wind turbine blades. The tunnel’s round design eliminates air packing in the test section corners when testing round objects.



  • 26.5” Round Test Section Inside Diameter.
  • Test Section can be mounted on Rails to allow for easy model changes.
  • 4’ Round tube downstream of test section to allow taking downstream data. Excellent for mounting a rake to measure the energy extracted from the item being tested.
  • Same rugged construction as all FLOTEK wind tunnels.
  • 15 HP Premium Efficient “Green” AC motor with ABB VFD drive to control motor speed Standard. Optional higher HP motors available.
  • 100 MPH / 45 m/s test section velocity.

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