Flotek 1440 Wind Tunnel

FLOTEK® 1440 - Research Grade Educational Wind Tunnel

Educational Wind Tunnel - FLOTEK® 1440

The research grade FLOTEK® 1440 educational wind tunnel has become our most popular model for university engineering and technology programs. This provides a full 12″ x 12″ (300mm square) cross section in the working area over 36″ (900mm) in length. It also has a higher air velocity capacity. This extra flexibility, coupled with the excellent flow patterns obtained, make the 1440 particularly suitable for research use as well as laboratory teaching. The standard model 1440-90 includes a 5 HP motor with wind speeds up to 90 MPH. Optional upgrades are available with max speeds up to 180 MPH.

It is a floor standing unit with its own integral support structure. The 1440 allows larger models with more data points.

Air is drawn through the entrance cone into the test section by a variable speed fan. A plastic honeycomb flow straightener with an L:D ratio of 10:1, assures a laminar air flow through the test section. The entrance cone has a contraction ratio of 12:1, down to a test section measuring 12″ x 12″ x 36″ (305mm x 305mm x 914mm) long. The air velocity through the test section is variable up to 132 fps (40m/s).

The test section has clear acrylic side walls and top to give a clear observation of the test in progress. The other flow sections are fabricated from 11 gauge steel formed sections.

A range of accessories is available for laboratory demonstrations. A further accessory allows the system to be connected to a user supplied computer, and includes an interface card and Labview software.

  1. Computer Data Acquisition System I
    1. National Instruments C-Rio Integrated Controller based system with LabView Software
    2. 17 pressure transducers for real-time data. Include modules to control wind tunnel motor speed and airfoil angle of attack.
  2. Digital RPM readout
    1. Allows students to read the exact motor RPM. Can also read velocity of Test Section without model.
  3. NACA 2415
    1. Airfoil with 16 pressure taps controlled by computer with optional Data Acquisition system.
    2. Airfoil with manual control.
    3. Additional Airfoils (0015, 4415 and flat plane).
  4. 2-Component Balance Beam
  5. NASCAR Exhibit
    1. Reads wind velocity and drag profile over stationary car.
    2. Allows students to evaluate the effects of race car drafting by repositioning 2 other cars.
  6. Venturi Fluid Flow Studies Option
    1. Two sets of plates available. Each with an upper and lower section.
      Option A – illustrates continuity law – Laminar Flow (10 degree divergent angle)
      Option B – illustrates continuity law – with Flow Separation (15 degree divergent angle)
  7. 20 Tube Manometer
    1. For enhanced visual reference.

Delivery and setup @ $1.50 / mile. $550.00 per-day on-site fee for setup and training.

FT-1440-90                             Base Price Flotek 1440-90   90 MPH
(5 HP AC motor)  208 /220VAC Three phase or 440/480 VAC 3 Phase Power
FT-1440-125                           Base Price Flotek 1440-125   125 MPH
(7.5 HP AC motor) 380-460 VAC 3 Phase (optional 208 / 220 VAC 3 Phase)
FT-1440-185                           Base Price Flotek 1440-185      185 MPH
(15 HP AC motor) 380-460 VAC 3 Phase
FT-1440-100                           Manufacture the Wind Tunnel in 3 Section

Optional Equipment

FT-1440-200                           C-Rio based Data Acquisition System
Computer Control System
FT-1440-220                           Custom Instrumentation grade data system*
FT-1440-250                           Dell Optiplex Computer with 22” Flat Panel
FT-1440-300                           Digital RPM Readout
FT-1440-400                           NACA 2415 Airfoil w/ Data Control
FT-1440-410                           NACA 2415 Airfoil w/ Manual Control
FT-1440-420                           NACA 0015 Airfoil
FT-1440-430                           NACA 4415 Airfoil
FT-1440-440                           NACA Flat Plane Airfoil
FT-1440-450                           NACA Airfoil to Mount on Beam
FT-1440-460                            Computer Controlled Yarn (Visual Display)
FT-1440-500                           2-Component Balance Beam
FT-1440-600                           NASCAR Exhibit w/ Digital Scale
FT-1440-610                           NASCAR Exhibit w/o Digital Scale
FT-1440-700                           Venturi Fluid Flow Studies Option A
FT-1440-710                           Venturi Fluid Flow Studies Option B
FT-1440-800                           20 Tube Manometer
FT-1440-900                           Golf Ball Experiment
FT-1440-950                           Golf Ball Experiment to mount on Beam
FT-1440-1200                         Flow around Buildings Experiment
FT-1440-1300                         Rocket Experiement with digital scale      
FT-1440-1400                         DRY ICE Flow visulation system
FT-1440-1000                         On-Site fee for Setup and Training (per day)
FT-1440-1100                         Delivery In GDJ Truck

*Flotek custom Instrumentation grade data acquisition system for accurate instrumentation grade readings of air speed in test section. All components are NIST traceable certified. Includes one 0-20 Torr ( 0-10”) pressure transducer Resolution 0.01% of F.S   Accuracy +/- 0.15% of reading. Monitors room RH (%), Temperature and Barometric Pressure Displayed on Data Screen. All readings  displayed and logged in Graph from in LabVIEW software. Calibration Lab Logo on Screen

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