Wind Tunnels Overview



The FLOTEK wind tunnel is constructed with a heavy duty steel base frame. The body of the wind tunnel is constructed from 11 Gauge (1/8″ steel) to reduce vibration and provide many years of service.

Data Acquisition & Software

New State-of-the-Art Data Acquisition Systems allow for easy control of the wind tunnel and both the visualization and acquisition of the data.


Curriculum & Experiments

The new Mech-Net Inc curriculum is very media rich, Blended learning lesson. The lessons were developed in the “Project Based Learning” model (PBL) for STEM education.

FLOTEK Wind Tunnels Low Turbulence, Research Grade

FLOTEK Research Grade wind tunnels let your students move beyond demonstration, to true application. FLOTEK wind tunnels bring advanced aeronautic design principles to the high school, university or industrial laboratory. From aeronautics to fluid dynamics to calibration of airflow sensors, these precision-built tunnels set new standards for performance and cost effectiveness.

FLOTEK’s design principles, construction and operation are the same quality used in collegiate and industrial laboratories. So FLOTEK provides more than just a demonstration device for your classroom. Students will be exposed to professional level instrumentation and data acquisition and analysis techniques. All have been written in National Instruments LabVIEW™ for easy integration into existing curriculum.

FLOTEK’s comprehensive teaching package will provide students with experience that will be useful far beyond the classroom. Your students will see and use the same kind of hardware, software and data acquisition procedures used in industry today. Features such as allow students and engineers to calibrate the base voltage of the transducers before performing a test.

FLOTEK’s pricing is down to earth, too. The base unit is affordable enough to install multiple units in a lab. Optional accessory packages provide powerful and exciting extensions to Flotek’s capabilities.

Flotek is a registered trademark of GDJ Inc.


Flotek 360 is a bench top wind tunnel. It can also utilize an optional mobile stand to move the wind tunnel to different locations.


The FLOTEK 1440 has become our most popular research grade wind tunnel for university engineering and technology programs.


Standard Equipment FLOTEK 5760-90: Flotek 5760-90 Wind Tunnel, 15HP AC motor- 90 MPH test section velocity.


Designed for Testing Student 3-D Printed wind Turbine Blades. Round design eliminates air packing in the test section corners when testing round objects.

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