Flotek 360 Benchtop Wind Tunnel

FLOTEK 360® - Low Noise Mobile Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel - FLOTEK® 360 Benchtop

FLOTEK® 360 is a small benchtop wind tunnel made for classrooms where space and transport is a primary concern. This low noise classroom wind tunnel can be mounted to a bench or you can utilize an optional mobile stand to move the wind tunnel to different locations. This entry level wind tunnel a great for smaller middle schools, high schools, and technical colleges. 

Air is drawn through the entrance cone into the test section by a variable speed fan. A plastic honeycomb flow straightener with an L:D ratio of 10:1, ensures a laminar air flow through the test section. The entrance cone has a contraction ratio of 12:1, down to a test section measuring 6″ x 6″ x 18″ (152mm x 152mm x 457mm) long. The air velocity through the test section is variable up to 27m/s.

The test section has clear acrylic side walls and top to give a clear observation of the test in progress. The other flow sections are fabricated from 11 gauge steel formed sections.

A range of accessories are available for laboratory demonstrations. A further accessory allows the system to be connected to a user supplied computer and includes an interface card and Labview software.

In addition to the standard airfoil demonstrations and the golf ball demonstration, the larger test section allows a wider range of demonstrations to be undertaken, including a racing car demonstration and airflow patterns around buildings.

An optional 16 tube manometer bank is available

Developed under strict guidelines and specifications to provide straight-line (laminar) air flow, permitting true aerodynamics engineering and analysis.

  • Easily accessible test section
  • Aircraft quality hardware for durability and longevity.
  • Industrial quality electrical components
  • Data retrieval using either water manometers or an optional analog/digital, graphical interface computer program
  • Industry Standard National Instruments LabVIEW Software with National Instruments Data Acquisition Hardware.

Flotek 360 Specifications

  • 6″ x 6″ test section, 18″ length
  • 0-65 MPH (95 FPS) test section velocity
  • 21″ x 21″ inlet; 7′ overall length
  • Variable speed ½ HP AC motor. The Control system uses an ABB VFD drive for regulating the motor speed.
  • Designed to fit on a standard 8′ conference table
  • Easily moved from site to site with optional rolling stand
  • Quiet operation: Tested at 62 db (OASPL)


Safety in the classroom is a primary concern. Flotek wind tunnels feature solid construction and industrial quality components for safety and reliability. Electrical power cabling is fully encased in the frame. Flotek’s fan unit is recessed a full four inches behind the guard. And because of Flotek’s advanced aerodynamic design, its operation is quiet too.

Note: GDJ is constantly improving its products. Specifications are due to change from upgrades.

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