25 Years Experience providing mechanical engineering laboratory equipment.

GDJ has built a reputation for innovative highly accurate lab equipment at practical prices. American made, and currently in use in leading universities, NASA labs, and industrial testing facilities throughout North America.

GDJ was founded by a former educator whose main goal is to bring math and science from theory into hands-on practice. To accomplish this GDJ is providing interesting laboratory equipment designed to capture the student’s interest.

NEW Features:

GDJ has recently upgraded form outdated DC motors to New Premium Efficient 3 Phase AC motors. By increasing the efficiency of the motor this greatly reduces the impact to the environment from operating this equipment by reducing the amount of energy required to operate the wind tunnel.

The A/C motor controller is an ABB VFD (variable frequency drive) Torque Sensing Controller. The new torque sensing features allows for a much tighter control of the fan speed of the motor. This allows for less fluctuation of the test section velocity at a set speed.

STANDARD Features:

The FLOTEK wind tunnel is constructed with a heavy-duty steel base frame. The body of the wind tunnel is constructed from 11 Gauge (1/8” steel) to reduce vibration and provide many years of service.

The motor mount has also been recently upgraded to reduce noise and vibration in the wind tunnel. Thus, making the wind tunnel more user friendly in the Lab.

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