Auxiliary Power Unit GTCP-85

Powertek – 85 Turbine Engine Experiment Based on the popular APU used in Boeing 727 & 737 aircraft GTCP-85.

Output of APU will be coupled to Eddy Current Brake to Load the APU, read the torque output of the engine and observe changes in data as load is applied to APU. The unit will be a self -contained stand complete with fuel cell, batteries and all necessary equipment to operate the engine.

Data acquisition will be National Instruments hardware and LabVIEW software. Hardware will be the C-Rio 9474 running LabVIEW software. The computer system will operate the engine and retrieve all pertinent Data from the engine.

Compressor Inlet and Exit Temperature and Pressure
Turbine Inlet and Exit Temperature and Pressure
Fuel Flow, Oil Temperature and Oil pressure
H-S Diagram
Engine load and power produced

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